Duration: 6 months, 8 hours per week

Weekdays: Tuesday and Wednesday or, Saturday and Sunday

Time: From 2 pm to 6 pm

Costs: 499 euros per month

The main aim is to learn more complex structures and vocabulary while maintaining the focus on written communication and reading and listening comprehension. At the end of the language course, students will be able to transpose and apply the learned written communication and the learned reading and listening comprehension.


The language course is in German, English and Nepali and includes speaking, listening. Reading and writing exercises. The class size is normally limited to 12 students in order to create an intensive learning level. A variety of tutorial videos, self-taught course plans and a course book are used and used for teaching. On request, we can find tailor-made solutions for you. We are looking forward to a consultation in which we will set your goals and thus determine the appropriate learning process for you


There are current courses for which there are still a limited number of places for students. For more information, please contact us or fill out the form and send it to us.