Mergers & Acquisitions

Each company needs business mergers and possible corporate takeovers to establish a company and successfully run it. Various laws and governmental institutions should be well-known in order to successfully master these steps. UIZ is aware of any business-related diversity of this matter. Our services include all the necessary steps to implement payment transactions and the determination of capital through state laws and regulations. Through the mergers and acquisitions of companies, we carry out the following steps.

 1.1 Consulting

UIZ provides services that include important information, providing sufficient advice in all areas to be considered, including legal and marketing advice. These include:


  •     Preparation of the company plan
  •     Trade execution
  •     Strategic consulting
  •     Consultation on coordination
 1.2 Due Diligence Review

Services of BIC’s website include a variety of steps, both before and after the company takeover, which helps ensure that your new company is set as soon as possible in a working condition. Every business needs to be carefully prepared, especially when faced with additional challenges, across entire continents, cultures and working environments. Our due diligence services are in accordance with the strictest corporate standards, but they are also characterized by peculiarities of transnational cooperation. UIZ offers the following due diligence reviews:

  •     Legal due diligence review
  •     Financial due diligence review
  •     Tax due diligence review
  •     Commercial due diligence examination
1.3 Financing

Foreign investment in Nepal is regulated and administered by the Law on Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer and Trade.

The Ministry of Industry (DOI) is a general agency responsible for the administration and implementation of the law for foreign investment and technology transfer in Nepal.

UIZ will help you finance company mergers and acquisitions in the current context. We support our customers in many ways, such as When it comes to financing your business, which needs to be well planned and sketched before the end of the business, so you can first evaluate the most suitable structure for your company. This is also of great importance for the further strategy and avoidance of legal and tax obstacles which may arise within a transnational business combination. Through our team of experts, we develop and agree on an international financing structure for your business.

 1.4 Integration

The integration of two different aspects, such as the workplace and its environment, is a challenging and challenging task. We understand the importance of successful integration of employees and business processes. In order to achieve the best possible results for your company. Unidentified living and working environments could hamper the development process of your ideas, which would lead to a waste of time and money.