Market Planning

Before entering a new market, investigations of details, investments and strategic considerations are needed. Our team has accurate information on the market conditions of both countries and understands their differences and strengths & weaknesses. Our team is aware of the different existing markets and can provide our clients with an accurate expansions strategy. Further different levels of market strategy and planning are also being implemented to continue further activities.

3.1 Provisions

A Rules and residence permit for investors

A The founding of a company as a foreign citizen in Nepal binds to certain requirements and regulations. For example, To start a new company as an independent foreign citizen in Nepal, an investment of more than 100,000.00 EUR is normally required to be entitled to a residence permit.

Foreign investment can be made into any industry in the following forms:


  •     Investment in shares (equity);
  •     Reinvestment from the return on equity;
  •     Investments in the form of loans or borrowing facilities; and
  •     Investments in genera, for example, machinery and equipment.


UIZ will help you understand all the specific regulations, regulations and laws based on the legislation of Nepal and ensure that you find the best possible and individual approach to your situation. We also support you in any interaction with administrative authorities and local authorities.


In most cases a visa of 5 years is granted, which can be extended depending on the successful management of the company.