Without adequate knowledge of the existing laws in Nepal, it is very difficult to continue your business successfully. UIZ assures all your customers according to their needs to meet all legal requirements. We have a team of attorneys who continually help our customers when it comes to their needs. In the case of instruments, contract negotiations, labor law, investment or company law.

 2.1 Labor law

Labor law is strongly implemented by the government of Nepal and plays a significant role in creating an appropriate work environment. Therefore, all companies should be notified of all the differences and cultural features of Nepal in terms of employment law.

2.2 Human Resources

UIZ will help you find the right and desired staff for your job. We also support and provide you with coaching and training to become familiar with the international work environment and team. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of support services and a personal advisory service on all matters relating to the work areas, such as the right to participation, collective bargaining and also matters relating to the company law of employment and due diligence.